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Hello this is Gordon Fox with Fox inspection group thermal-imaging division what we're gonna go over is a sample report of an inspection we did for a roofing contractor who was hired by all an engineering firm which in turn was hired by an insurance company to determine the extent or amount of damage on a roof system so basically the building owner came in after Hurricane Ike and claimed some roof damage and we're out there to confirm or deny the presence of damage and the extent of the damage so what we do is we go up on the roof near the evening time when the thermal performance is ideal for our thermal cameras we will then look for anomalies on the roof surface that would indicate water or moisture entrained in the insulation board below the photograph to your left is basically what we see up on the roof this is a TPO system a white membrane and we mark this directly on the roof because what we saw the thermal imaging camera picture to the right is this picture over here which would indicate moisture below scrolling down the report here's another area and we'll mark these directly on the roof again your left picture is the thermal anomaly that we see on the roof system and this is the thermal anomaly on the right side photograph of what we're looking at here with our thermal cameras here would be another area let's see if I can get this a little bit better coming to your picture screen there we go this would be number three this would be along a seam area left picture would be a seam and the right picture would be the thermal imaging of what we're seeing thermally there is some discrepancy right there the little dots you're seeing are just the thermal signature of the adhesive of the nail pattern the fasteners okay here we have on number four and again these are marked directly on the roof all thermal imaging off to the right you can see right over in here the thermal image pattern but this circle right here as we go down basically showed upon close inspection we were able to find a puncture wound in the TPO membrane and again here would be when we number these on five here's the thermal imaging that shows up on the right hand side now this picture here we're going to show what the tool that we're using for confirmation this would be a tray max moisture meter non impedance capacitance or capacitance non impedance meter whatever they call it and here on the right hand side we'll look at the areas of anomaly and over here on the right hand picture will be a thermal image of this machine basically what it does is we're able to place this on top of the thermal anomaly to confirm a double opt-in confirm that we're seeing it with the thermal camera and then we confirm presents with a high with the impedance capacitance meter this is what it looks like up close and here we're seen on the right-hand picture that we're pegging our meter that would indicate that's moisture high moisture below then the roof consultant the roofer can then do if they so...
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